Approximately 2.5 Billion Dollars will be spent this year by people desiring whiter teeth. With literally 100s of whitening options available, ranging from 100% SCAM to Very Effective Treatments – To say that consumers may be overwhelmed AND confused is an understatement! Below are listed some of the options available.

In recent years, Teeth Whitening has become a huge phenomenon. A whiter, brigher smile is the first thing that people notice about your appearance. It’s no secret that Whiter Teeth make us look BETTER, YOUNGER & MORE ATTRACTIVE.

Because of this, teeth whitening has become hugely popular, and the market has become flooded with whitening options. But results can range from IMPRESSIVE to DISAPPOINTING and many times NON-EXISTENT! This flood of options, while it’s the AMERICAN WAY, consumers are more confused than ever! There’s a lot of deception regarding Teeth Whitening products these days!

To make it easy to understand, options have been divided into Pretenders and Contenders. REMEMBER: Knowledge is Power!


OTC Whitening Toothpaste/Whitening Mouthwash

98% of all “Teeth Whitening Toothpaste / Whitening Mouthwash are for the most part INEFFECTIVE – however there are a few brands that will actually assist in Keeping the Stains from adhering to your teeth so quickly. Ideal for maintenance AFTER an “In-Office” Whitening treatment.

As far as teeth whitening costs go – these products appear to be a bargain! But if you are looking for a miracle in a tube or a bottle – It has yet to be created!

Whitening Strips

Strips will actually do a fairly good job, especially if you are just looking for minimal improvement. However, the whitening you see is VERY SHORT TERM! It’s a strip, with minimal whitening gel, laying on the very surface of your teeth. It can be difficult to keep them in place – especially if your teeth are not perfectly straight meaning each tooth may not get a consistent coating of gel. Freshness of product is extremely important! So be careful when purchasing online.

BE AWARE that these products work by dissolving/removing a layer of your enamel to show new white teeth. Overuse (the box says use ONCE EVERY 6 MONTHS) can make the teeth almost become transparent, and will weaken the Enamel.

Talk to your Dentist – ask him/her if a prescription Toothpaste – Prevident 5000 – would help if you feel you have overused whitening strips.

NOTE: Our “In Office” whitening treatment is 100% safe for enamel/structure of teeth and with the addition of our natural/organic FDA Registered ingredients are actually good for your teeth!

At Home Whitening Treatments

For simplicity sake, we’ll break this down into 2 categories:

    • OTC “Boxed Whitening Treatments – which can be purchased at Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, Online, etc. Much like the whitening strips – if you haven’t set your “whitening bar very high” – you can see some minimal to moderate whitening results but VERY SHORT TERM! So if you have “An Event” or a “1st Meet” in the online dating world – this may not be a bad way to go since most of the “Boxed Whitening Treatments” are fairly inexpensive. NOTE: If you are looking for significant, deep whitening, long-lasting results – You won’t find it in a Box!


  • “Professional Take Home Trays/Get” – Prices vary wildly in cost – $150 to $1200. The high priced options usually involve special products/protocols involving whitening of teeth with deep intrinsic strains caused by such things as hereditary conditions, minerals consumed in well water and medications such as Tetracycline. The lower cost options are basically D.I.Y. take-home kits. Some dentists even give these away for FREE in order to attract new patients.We personally know of many many people who are very dedicated and consistent in their at home whitening treatments and have BEAUTIFUL TEETH, and have never done an “In-Office” whitening treatment!We visit with many of them, as they purchase their whitening gel at Whiten Up Today! They have fantastic results! We guarantee our gel to be FRESH (never more than 7 Days old). Freshness is the key component in achieving great results with little or no sensitivity. Our Whitening Gel is made in the USA (Beware of old, outdated gels, purchased in such places as Chine & India – sold on the internet), FDA Registered and PH Balanced to match the saliva in your mouth.One other note worth mentioning: In addition to these “at home whiteners” being very diligent and consistent with their treatments, they typically are young (under 35), have been whitening their teeth for years and years, have a minimal amount of “staining habits/lifestyles” – in terms of coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, etc and have extremely good and consisten oral hygiene habits, which entail regular Dental Checkups 2-3 times a year, SonicCare/Oral B electric toothbrushes – twice a day – 2 minutes each time and floss/Water Pik daily.

Kiosk/Spa/Tanning & Hair Salons/Mobile Whitening Services

First off, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sit down in the middle of a mall, while literally thousands of people are walking by, while having your teeth whitening!

The risk here is two-fold, because the “Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment” Industry is for the most part unregulated. You really have no idea – What’s being put on your teeth and whose doing the application? In all likelihood the business is not associated with the B.B.B and there are zero “online reviews” or people that can attest to the whitening results, nor the overall whitening experience! But it’s so affordable! Listen, Time and Money are limited resources – You will risk LOSING BOTH.

Spas/Tanning Salons/Hair Salons

More times that not, the Spa/Salon was approached by a Sales Rep for a company that manufactures Teeth Whitening Equipment & Supplies and was sold on the idea that Teeth Whitening would be a great secondary revenue stream! Get a Tan & Whiten your Teeth! The typical offer to the consumer is a $159 to $179 (oh but wait! Book today and it’s $99) 1 HOUR LONG “Generic” Teeth Whitening Treatment performed on site. By Generic I mean a whitening treatment that is standardized. Everybody’s treatment will be the exact same regardless of the “whitening variables” unique and different to every person desiring to have a whiter/brighter smile.

You can look online and see a multitude of these standardized treatments. ie DaVinci, Venus, Saphire Dash In, Bleach Brite, etc. Our advice: look online, do some research, what are clients who have used a particular salon or spa saying about their results and experience.

Mobile Whitening Services

Seems like a pretty good concept and maybe it is. But, be aware that “Mobile Whitening Service” is now the fastest growing segment of the “In-Office” (or in this case, your home) Whitening Treatments. Why? one may ask – well it certainly is a very inexpensive way to enter the fields (car, light, gel and a chair). With all the mobile teeth whitening services out there, we were very surprised to not be able to locate 1 Single Client Review – Anywhere! (exclusive of their own website) – but none of the normal review sites that consumers like to see, such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Kudzu, etc.

Important Note Here: By no means are we attempting to indicate that all such services are suspect – Consumers feel good about their Doctor or Dentist or Hairdresser, etc – in all likelihood they were referred by an already existing happy patient/client, or sought out because of having a reputation of uncompromised level of patient/client satisfaction.

“Deal of the Day” i.e. Take your pick: Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken, etc.

They truly are very tempting. 60%, 70%, 80% off. Heck, that’s practically Free! There’s a reason that stock performance is down, massive layoffs of employees/staff – “The Bloom has fallen off that Rose”.

Initially, Merchants/Business Owners were excited to have so many new and hopefully long-term clients/custoemrs. Unfortunately, the only winner in the “Deal of the Day” programs are the companies (Groupon, Living Social, etc) who take 50% of the deal the merchant offered and the merchant could only be advertised on that site if they discounted their product or service by at least 50%. TALK ABOUT A LOSS LEADER! – But in most cases the “Hungry Merchant” figured it would be worth it, if a high % of those people could be retained as future customers.

The Bottom Line – When contacted again to run another Deal of the Day – The vast majority of already successful and strong merchants SAID NO! You only want to Work for Free Once! That is why today, the vast majority of businesses offering “Deals” are “startups”, or what the merchant is offering doesn’t really cost what they say it does.

We’ve had many clients through the years share their experience of “Teeth Whitening Deals” fraught with an inability to get an appointment, poor customer service, poor whitening results and heavy pressure to “upsell” or purchase “over-priced” extras.

Dental Salons/Spas

Whitening Treatments may also be performed at a “Dental Salon/Spa”
Many have opened all over the United States and offer such services as Cleaning, Polishing, Straightening and Whitening Teeth. Many are set up to sell “Memberships” to their customers. Great Concept! Especially for those individuals who don’t actually have a Dentist or for those without Dental Insurance.

Additionally, since most “Dental Salons/Spas” are actually owned by Dentists and staffed with Dental Hygienists, I’m sure that the Dentist who owns the facility would pick up many new patients in need of more than just a cleaning/polishing. However, when it comes to their Teeth Whitening Treatment Procedure, numerous current clients of Whiten Up Today! have said that many of the “Dental Salons/Spas” utilize a “BLEACH ONLY” approach – utilizing no accelerator light system at all (If all you’re going to do is paint bleach on teeth – people can do this themselves at home) in conjunction with an extremely high % of 100% bleach H2O2 to the teeth. This could result in an increased likelihood of painful sensitivity and dehydration of the teeth.


The truth is a “Contender” is any whitening treatment that you find works well and meets your whitening expectations. Reality is that you may have personally experienced great results and an overall sense of satisfaction from any one of the options listed above as a “Pretender” – and if that’s the case – Mission Accomplished! We would not or will not EVER infer that there is only 1 treatment that works!

At the end of the day – it’s all about each individual’s personal “Smile Standard” – Everyone is different in terms of their desired results and in their perception of how they want their teeth to look! We at Whiten Up Today! hear it everyday – such things as “I want teeth that glow in the dark”. “I don’t want my teeth to look TOO WHITE or unnatural”. Well, one client’s “TOO WHITE” may be another client’s “Not White Enough”.

That is why we developed our “Smile Profile” to determine a client’s smile standards as how he or she sees their teeth now and to what level of white is desired at the end of the treatment.

Genetics will come into play at some point, – We have had clients who could achieve a maximum level of white – and regardless of future treatments, a genetic ceiling had been reached. At that point a client either gets into acceptance and is satisfied, or seeks out a reputable and skilled cosmetic dental professional to explore the possibility of Porcelain Veneers.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves FAST RESULTS and unlike many of the false promises or disappointments with the “Pretenders” – Laser Teeth Whitening will deliver Spectacular Results in the Least amount of Time

Advice: Seek out a “customized whitening approach”. One size does not and should not fit all! Confirm that the Dental Assistant or Certified Teeth Whitening Technician is skilled and experienced – (How many treatments performed in any given week?) The term “Laser” is utilized frequently – now there are Laser Light units that are heavy, high-tech expensive stationary units costing as much as $10,000 and there are Laser Lights that can be purchased on the Internet for 100 Bucks!

Ask – What’s the name? or make? or model? of the unit you will be using on my teeth? Is it Lightweight? Portable? Inexpensive? – Google it! – Know how effective that Accelerator Light will be on your teeth.

Many Lights used today are no more effective than using a flashlightBUT make the client/patient feel they are receiving a “Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment”!

Finally, make sure you know that the whitening gel is Fresh! (outdated/expired gel is cheap to buy – but also will not whiten teeth as effectively and will increase the likelihood for painful sensitivity. Ask if it was made in the USA and is it PH Balanced? Lastly, inquire as to the main ingredients. Is it just H2O2 BLEACH? Or are there any other ingredients contained in the gel that will assist in the whitening treatment? Ingredients to address sensitivity issues? And any ingredients that would actually be considered GOOD FOR MY TEETH?

The System and the Whitening Gels utilized by the Whiten Up Today! method have actually been proved to be not only 100% Safe & VERY EFFECTIVE, but Good for your teeth!

Research shows that clean teeth free from Plaque & Tartar naturally re-enamilize better. As well as the MOST EFFECTIVE WHITENING RESULTS – leaving your teeth looking clean & polished!

Our system produces a HEALTHY, EVENLY BRIGHT – GLOSSY APPEARANCE! Many whitening treatments achieve ONLY a WHITER but CHALKY APPEARANCE

The Choice is Clear! Whiten Up Today!
When You Want MORE than Just White Teeth”


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