The LuminxBrightSmile

Laser Teeth Whitening

& Intensive Stain Removal System

Up until now, the choices for whitening your teeth have basically been either to whiten your own teeth at home with a number of methods, usually purchased online.

They promise you amazing results, but most often only deliver poor results and offering discomfort to your teeth and/or gums.


If in fact there were some system or contraption that actually delivered acceptable results, then there would be no need or demand for chair-side whitening.  (often referred to as In Office Whitening)

In office whitening treatments are by far the most requested, the most utilized, and the most effective procedure to truly whiten your teeth while removing unsightly stains to produce a bright, white, confident smile.


Today’s Choices for in Office Whitening:

The most well-known treatment options available have been procedures such as

  • Zoom
  • Opalescence Boost
  • Bright Smile
  • KDR Whitening
  • Salon/Spa/Groupon deals.  (Examples of these might be deals for $99 or $179 etc.  FACT: most of these ‘Deal’ procedures are systems that you could do yourself at home, thereby saving yourself time and money, however your results will be minimal to marginal at best.)

The LuminxBrightSmile procedure takes about 1 hour or less with 30 to 40 minutes of actual whitening time.

Prior to the start of your treatment, we will have you brush your teeth for 2 minutes with our Whiten up today cleaning compound which will remove the majority of your surface stains, tartar, and plaque, allowing the LuminxBrightSmile whitening gel to work more effectively resulting in whiter teeth.

Once your teeth are adequately prepared your current two shade is recorded.

Your lips and gums are isolated, lip moisturizer is applied following will be the application of the LuminxBrightSmile desensitizing enhancer on all your teeth that will be whitened.


Color Consideration:

Color: Typically the upper central incisors are the lightest and brightest teeth in your smile.

The upper side teeth are similar in color (hue) to that of the central incisors, but generally slightly lower in the brightness (value).

The canines (third teeth from midline) have greater intensity or saturation of color (chroma). First and second premolars (teeth behind canines) which are lightest and brighter than the canines, are similar in color to that of the lateral incisors.

Taking all of these factors into consideration it is not uncommon for the average client to have as many as 4 different LuminxBrightSmile whitening gels applied to your teeth to ensure that the unique you has the very best achievable whitening results..

When evaluating the color of your teeth, we will examine how closely matched your upper and lower teeth appear.  Both sets of teeth should look similar and complement your hair, skin color and eye color.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to whitening your teeth and creating the bright, white, confident smile you have always wished for!

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Introducing The LuminxBrightSmile Laser Teeth Whitening & Intensive Stain Removal System


The In Office Procedure.

The LuminxBrightSmile In Office Whitening Procedure is the newest and most effective option to remove stains and whiten your teeth on the market today.

LuminxBrightSmile is a safe, gentle, and effective procedure producing the greatest whitening results in the least amount of time and done so with little or no sensitivity.

The LuminxBrightSmile Procedure utilizes the Beyond Advance Whitening Laser Light Accelerator which has been awarded the #1 Whitening Accelerator Laser Lighting System 13 years in a row by the highly trusted and respected “Dental Advisor” organization.


The LuminxBrightSmile Procedure utilizes are one of a kind, most effective anti-gingival whitening gel manufactured to a precise viscosity in order to produce extraordinary whitening results all the while mitigating or eliminating any tooth sensitivity.

Most procedures on the market today utilize only Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), pure bleach and nothing else.